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Black Beauty

The wide ranges of colours, materials and off-the-shelf products that are available these days allow for myriad design options without breaking the bank. All it takes to come up with a truly personal...

Featured kitchens

From Old-Fashioned To Party Central: A Kitchen Renovation Tale

The old kitchen, right next to the exit to the deck was hardly ‘heart of the home’ material. With a focus on creating more space and a central socialising area, this family set about a major...

Featured kitchens

Class Act

There is a subtle mystery to this kitchen with hidden drawer-in-drawer technology and mirrored glass cupboard fronts. The kitchen invitingly wraps around a wall to keep the ‘secrets of the kitchen’...

Featured kitchens

Renovation Innovation

From old to new They wanted to design a completely new layout and look, in a modern industrial style that would welcome guests into an inviting space as soon as they stepped through the front door.

Featured kitchens

Villa Vibe – Renovation of a villa kitchen

Back in the day, the kitchen table was the hub of all family activity – cooking, eating, socialising, entertaining, homework, you name it, and it happened around the table. And that’s the exact look...

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