Country Kitchens

Whether it’s a french farmhouse, an english cottage, or a classic homestead, all country kitchens share a certain kind of charm. 

The Perfect Recipe

When it comes to creating your own country kitchen, particular hues, materials, cabinetry styles, and accessories will easily transform your space with that sought after country charm. Here, we will define the secret ingredients that comprise the backbone of country styles, to give you some guidelines and ideas for your own kitchen. 

If you want to have a look at more examples of these kitchen styles, check out the ones below or jump over to our country kitchen gallery.


Warm Hues

The country kitchen is a meditation on natural, warm colours and tones that aren’t too modern, jarring or cold. Traditionally, a country kitchen is supposed to evoke warmth and nostalgia, and this is achieved with splashes of white, off-white, and neutral tones. 

Soft warm greys, blues, or light pastels are also popular colour choices that look the part and add an extra dimension to your kitchen.


Vertical Panelling

Vertical panelling has been seen in country kitchens for decades - it’s the textural element that gives depth and character to the space. In recent years, this panelling has taken a new form to emanate a more sophisticated look, compared to its rustic predecessor. Vertical panelling now graces the walls of contemporary kitchens, bringing a relaxed look that’s timeless and modern. 

Vertical panelling heightens the sense of space, and can also be used to line cabinetries - it’s a very versatile element of country kitchens. 

Splashback Tiles

Whether glossy, matte, or somewhere in between, it’s hard to go wrong with this classic staple. Tiles are your best friend when trying to achieve a country aesthetic, and they also provide a great opportunity to introduce pops of colour if you so desire. If you’re in doubt, the classic, white, subway tile is your failsafe choice, and can be switched up with a change of colour or layout. 

Other options to consider are:

  • Patterned or stencilled tiles.
  • Pressed tin – something a bit different, pressed tin offers a tiled look without the grout!
  • Brick (plain or painted).





Large Benchtops

When it comes to a new kitchen, choosing the perfect benchtop is one of the biggest decisions you will probably make. Beyond aesthetics, you also have to think about the function, and with that said, your preferred benchtop will largely depend on your taste and budget. For country kitchens, we love the natural look that timber brings to the space. But there are other plenty of options!




Wonderful Wood

The ‘wood factor’ has been a staple in the country kitchen since forever, and this traditional element is certainly here to stay. A country home is one that has a strong connection to the natural world around it, so it makes perfect sense that wood is a key design feature here. Modern country kitchens use wooden features like floating shelving, hanging beams, serveries and open shelving in butlers' pantries. Find other wonderful wooden ideas in our gallery.


If you only desire a hint of country, look towards the modern country kitchen - it’s the perfect amalgamation of the old, and the new. 

But if you want the full-blown, country kitchen of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our helpful Kitchen Designers would love to turn your dream into a reality. 


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