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The “WOW” Factor Kitchen

Congratulations on your new home, it is stunning! 

In the planning phase, what were the main requirements for your kitchen?

That the space was easy to work in and had natural flow. We were also aware that it is part of the main living area but did not want it to be either too dominant or unnoticed. The clean lines and uncluttered benches were also important, as were the products and colours that were used needed to tie in with the rest of the house.

The scullery has a huge impact on the functionality of the kitchen. We talked about clean lines and uncluttered spaces in the main kitchen, and we are able to maintain this by taking all the appliances into the scullery. It is also a great place for food preparation, leaving the main kitchen bench as a food serving area or a place to sit for drinks and nibbles.

Were there any stand-out moments of the design and build process?

The design and build process followed professional advice. The installation was done by a craftsman, he was very particular and had an eye for detail for the finished product. The odd thing that has needed tweaking has been dealt with very quickly and the service has been wonderful.

The biggest impact is that when we have family around, we can keep the dining table uncluttered and use the bench top as a servery as the preparation has happened in the scullery. And by having a full-sized dishwasher in the scullery all the dirty dishes can be taken out there and dealt with later.


How about reactions from friends and guests?

From most people there is an initial ‘Wow!’ when they see the kitchen, and then a second ‘Wow!’ when they realise that there is a scullery tucked behind the kitchen, which is not immediately noticeable. The most comments are on the wooden shelving and strip lighting under the shelves and the bench.


What could you now not live without?

Basically – the scullery! The functionality impact with all the appliances tucked away in there, a full dishwasher when needed (as opposed to the single dish-drawer in the kitchen which we use daily), and the bench spaces in there for clearing the dishes etc…


What has having a bespoke designed kitchen meant to you personally?

We have ended up with a kitchen that meets the flow and functionality we wanted, which completes and compliments a great looking over-all room.

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