Cat Rescue Hero 2

Kitty Kitty Kitchen Rescue

Most of the time, if our furry feline friends need rescuing, we imagine the friendly local fire brigade racing to help. But on this occasion, it was the local Mastercraft Kitchens team from Palmerston North to the rescue!

Warm, fuzzy posts are great at Christmastime. Well this one's a warm furry post too!
The thread below tells a great happy ending story of a customer of Mastercraft Kitchens Palmerston North (Kitchens by Healey) and their distressed moggy.

Day One:

An interesting email arrived:

Dear Mastercraft kitchens,

 My name is Trevor. I had my kitchen renovated in 2015 by your company and now I have an URGENT request that could save my kitten's life. 

My kitten has managed to jump up onto the fridge and climb into the gap between the fridge and overhead cabinetry to access the ceiling space. Unfortunately, my house had a flat top and someone in the past decided to add a pointed roof creating another narrow space in between. I can hear my kitten trapped in the space directly behind the fridge space where a cabinet for laundry was installed along with my kitchen. I tried to remove the screws holding the top panel but it wouldn't budge so there must be other places that hold it in place that was not obvious. I've contacted the fire service and they had a look around with a thermo imaging camera but no luck. They say to leave some food out and the kitten will get out of his own when hungry enough. This was 24 hours ago.

 I wondered if one of your team can help me remove the panel and get him out?

Mastercraft Palmy visited but had no luck. They removed some more panels and food was left to entice the kitten out.

Day Two:

This follow-up email appeared in the inbox:

Dear Mastercraft,

Thank you for all your help your team have provided me so far. I now have visual confirmation of the missing kitten, he is in the space in between the wall and the large closet in the laundry, fallen all the way down from the ceiling space. He seems ok. In the attached pic, you can see his head poking out from the base of the closet. 

Can I humbly ask your team to send someone to help me get him out tomorrow please?

Kind regards,


Day Three:

The Kitty Rescue Crusaders (aka Mastercraft Palmy) successfully remove the toe-kicks and rescue the kitten to be re-united with a very happy owner. Photos were taken before the kitten went to the vet for a checkup. Apart from being extremely hungry the cat is ok and will hopefully refrain from doing that again!

A follow-up email was sent to a very relieved Trevor

Good morning, Trevor.

I am so pleased that we were able to help you out. We love our animals here, so it was a no brainer for us to aid in the rescue or your precious kitten.

Thank you so much for the smoko shout that you have offered. The team will really enjoy that.

Wishing you and fur babies the happiest of festive seasons.

Kind Regards, 

Kristine Holmes
General Manager

And Trevor's reply:

Hi Kristine,

I can't thank you all at Mastercraft Kitchens enough for rescuing my kitten. It was awful hearing the pitiful meows and cannot help him. Don't think I ever want to go through that again.

Best wishes for the holidays and in the new year.

Kind regards,


Missing kitten located  The Brave Rescue Team! The Purrrfect End

Images L-R: Trapped kitty located; the Kitten Rescue Crusaders; Purrfect end to the story


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