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Beyond the kitchen – solutions that harmonise your home


... in The Name of Love, … hammer time, 


… before you renovate your kitchen or build your new home. 


If you’re planning a new home or kitchen renovation, take a moment to pause, because we have a game-changing suggestion before you confirm your plans. 

Why do we ask?

Because the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts.

Your home is made up of lots of ‘parts’, or different living zones. Getting those zones singing in harmony is the magic sauce that makes one home feel more cohesive than the next.

Your home represents who you are and how you like to live, and you will have a style that resonates with you along with a home dynamic/family that is just as individual.

The reason Mastercraft Kitchens are so well-respected is because we create bespoke solutions specific to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. We have delivered some incredible spaces to happy customers because of this approach. But an investment is required, and we’re not just talking moolah, it’s…


Often, before our client have even stepped foot in one of our showrooms, they have already invested an enormous amount of energy and hours creating drawings, measurements, mood boards, and functional requirements to suit their family/lifestyle.

A good investment is one that is capitalised on. So why not reap the benefits of all that time and effort you’ve spent, by commissioning us to develop design solutions for other areas of your home? We will already have a handle on your lifestyle, family dynamics and aesthetic preferences, so it makes perfect sense to have living solutions designed from the same designer throughout your home.

You will benefit tenfold from:

  • The visual harmony of having a consistent style and personality running through your home
  • Economies of scale and one source of materials; the cost of materials and design will ultimately be more cost effective by using one supplier
  • Accessing all the latest design and technology solutions for storage and cabinetry
  • Built-in furniture options removing the time and effort of having to source something that ‘suits the space’, potentially returning cash back in your pocket for fun stuff a top of the range coffee machine!


Our designers are well-versed in creating solutions for multiple areas of the home. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some of the wonderful solutions we have created for our clients over the years… so when you’re thinking about your kitchen… don’t stop there.

  • Lounge cabinetry
  • Rumpus / games rooms
  • Media units
  • Built in furniture (bookcases, window nooks…)
  • Office desks and nooks
  • Bars / Drinks cabinets
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Wardrobes and power rooms

Thinking of something else? Put us to the test … we love a challenge! 

So, in the name of love, and before ‘Hammer Time’, consider how else our incredible talents could be put to work in other areas of your home.

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