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Duane Cox (second from left)

Volunteer firefighting for over 20 years

Combining a career in the demanding kitchens industry with a commitment to volunteer firefighting is no small feat. For some, the choice is inspired by family ties, and the dedication stems from a genuine desire to help those in need. In this blog post, we'll delve into the inspiring journey of Duane Cox, an individual who found balance between these two demanding worlds, sharing experiences, insights, and essential fire safety advice.

A Dual Commitment: From the Kitchen to the Firehouse
Duane Cox's inspiration to become a volunteer firefighter came through a unique circumstance, marrying the fire chief, Ian Wellings,’ daughter in 2001. After two years of patiently awaiting approval, Duane began his journey in the fire service on April 1, 2003. Fast forward to the present, marking the beginning of his 21st year in the service, his dedication and love for the cause remain undeterred.

Balancing Act: Juggling Family, Career, and Service
Balancing a career in the kitchens industry with the responsibilities of a firefighter is no easy task. With a wife and three children: two daughters aged 19 and 18, and a 10-year-old son with type 1 diabetes finding equilibrium is a daily challenge. The family has adapted to a life with a firefighter at the helm, supporting Duane's calling. Despite the inevitable strains on time and presence, the drive to assist those in need and the friendships forged along the way continue to fuel his commitment.

A Dual Experience: Fires and Kitchens Collide
In the course of his dual roles, Duane Cox has encountered his fair share of kitchen fires. Kitchen fires, notorious for their potential to engulf an entire home, have necessitated Duane's return to the scene to quote replacements. The experience highlights the importance of fire safety measures within the kitchen, reinforcing the need for vigilance and caution in this high-risk area of the home.

A Word of Wisdom: Fire Safety Advice for Homeowners
Drawing from his extensive experience in both the firefighting domain and the kitchens industry, Duane Cox offers a critical piece of advice to homeowners: "Don't drink and fry." This simple yet powerful reminder emphasizes the dangers of mixing alcohol consumption with cooking. Additionally, he stresses the importance of not placing hot bbq embers next to the house and recommends promptly dousing them with water upon removal.

Balancing a demanding career in the kitchens industry with the altruistic commitment of a volunteer firefighter is a remarkable feat. For Duane Cox, the journey has been shaped by family, a desire to help others, and an unyielding dedication to fire safety. His experiences serve as a testament to the power of perseverance and love for community, highlighting the importance of fire safety at every step of the way.

Duane and his brother Phil are valuable members of the Mastercraft team. You can find out more about Duane and 2 Brothers Joinery here:

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