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Who are we?

Clive and Sue Roberts of Whangamata Woodworks are Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata. Whangamata Woodworks has a well deserved reputation for exceptional quality and a strong customer service focus. The experience of their manufacturing personnel and the high level of local support they receive is testament to their business success. We pride ourselves in fostering a relationship with our clients to make your dreams a reality. A high level of client satisfaction demonstrates our ability to meet our clients’ needs, with many of our clients returning with their second or third kitchen remodelling projects.

What we do

Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata offers a complete range of kitchen design and installation services. We work with your available space to design a modern kitchen with a host of amazing features. We can work with practically any budget because we have a comprehensive selection of options for you to choose from. If you need bars, benchtops, cabinets, drawers, finishes, fittings or frames, call us today and let our experts get the job done right for you. With Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata’s team you’ll always get the perfect kitchen for your needs.

As well as kitchens, Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata offers bathroom, laundry and wardrobe design solutions for new homes, renovations and mobile homes. Joinery services extend to cover manufacture of stairs and pre-hung doors and an in-house spray booth allows the supply of a lacquer paint finish and furniture re-finishing. With the aid of the latest technology, we can utilise even limited spaces to perfection. Our computer systems allow you to see exactly how your finished project will look, and will let you choose from a range of fantastic options. From cabinet making, machining and maintenance to painting, remodelling, renovations and restorations, we specialise in a whole variety of commercial and residential services.




Whangamata Woodworks Ltd

Give your kitchen a new look

If you’re thinking about a new look for your home, like a new kitchen perhaps, contact us for cutting-edge renovations. Our design team is highly experienced, with intimate knowledge of kitchen design, the leading brands and how best to utilise limited space. We pride ourselves on being Whangamata’s leading provider of kitchen renovations. Make your kitchen the home centrepiece it deserves to be. Call us today. Complete kitchen design, manufacture and installation Our kitchen design services include complete kitchen overhauls. When you’re building a new home, renovating, or extending your home, an amazing new kitchen from us can add style and elegance. Visit our showroom, choose a kitchen layout and let our experienced team take care of everything. Do-it-yourself At our Whangamata showroom, you can choose from a fantastic selection of do-it-yourself kitchen kits. From island benches to cabinets, we offer made-to-measure additions to your kitchen that are easy to construct and install. Our design team will be happy to discuss all your renovation choices with you. Facelifts Sometimes a kitchen doesn’t need to be completely renovated to have a new lease on life. At Mastercraft Kitchens Whangamata we provide benches, fixtures, splashbacks, and much more to complement any existing kitchen layout. For great renovations, visit our showroom and take a look at the extensive options available to you.