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Lofty Ideals

The use of natural plywood as the primary material, anchored by black in a variety of textures has created sleekness and dynamism in this contemporary kitchen.

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Shine On

The large central island bench features a stone benchtop with a generous over-hang. It also has two thick waterfall ends, creating legroom depth for guests, and ample space for tidily tucking away...

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Smooth Transition

The brief for this beachside kitchen was for a carefree space that connects effortlessly with the outdoor entertaining area and views beyond.

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Mod Cod

Marrying old style with new conveniences, such as the Shaker-style cabinetry and window cabinets with integrated appliances and LED strip-lighting, means you truly end up with the best of both worlds.

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Symphony of Style

A glamorous aesthetic has been achieved by selecting materials and textures that are stunning on their own, yet combine in a symphony of style.

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